Pescaùri – Fishermen

A documentary by Michele Codarin

In the small village of Marano, on the upmost lagoon of the Adriatic Sea, the traditional fishing techniques represent the history of that area. A history full of challenges and sacrifices. But those techniques are also a testimony of the sharing pact between man and nature.

Details: Betacam SP, 55′, Italy, 2007.
Theme: Nature, Society
Subject: Andrea Regeni
Script, Direction: Michele Codarin
Music: Paolo Corberi
Production: Quasar Multimedia and La Giordola
Supported by Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marano Lagunare municipality, Cultural Association “La Giordola”.

Fishing represents the link between men that live on the seaside and the sea itself. This relationship is even stronger when the border is not a beach or some rocks, but a lagoon: a space that by it’s own definition is contended by the sea and the coast. The traditional fishing techniques in Marano Lagoon (North Adriatic) tell us stories of challenges and pain. The description and the analysis of the traditional fishing-craft and techniques, on one side represents a historical memory and on the other, reminds us about the old habits established to preserve the lagoon, that was once the only source of subsistence for the ancient community of Marano. Today this community wonders about its past, and the future of a tradition that seems not to have much space in the modern economy.