A Special Story

A documentary by Marta Zaccaron and Michele Codarin

Sport seen as a metaphor for life, through the experiences of three athletes with mental disabilities, who participated at the Olympics Special World Games of Shanghai in October 2007.

Details: DVCAM, 55’, Italy, China, 2008
Theme: Society, Sport
Subject: Marta Zaccaron
Screenplay: Michele Codarin
Production: Quasar Multimedia
Status: in distribution

Awards: Best Paralympic Film at the XXX International Sport Film Festival in Palermo. HONOURABLE MENTION at the XXVII International SPORT MOVIES & TV Award – FICTS Milan.

This documentary is about the story of three athletes with mental disabilities who participated at the Olympic Special World Games of Shanghai in October 2007. The athletes took part in the Games with the genuine and simple spirit that sport requires: trying to exceed their limits, confronting themselves with team-mates and opponents. This experience, based on the self-sacrifice every passion needs, reunites men and women of every corner of the world: wether they are abled or “disabled”. Following practice, the traveling experience, competitions and everyday life, this documentary wants to look into the opportunities that sport offers as an educational instrument in life and wants to do it through the unique experience of the Special Olympics athletes.