About us

Michele Codarin

Following the studies as Camera Operator, he began working in the TV industry, this experience will involve him in some short and documentary projects as Director of Photography. During this years he establish strong professional relationships, which will lead him to several new partnerships, working on projects as creator and in some cases also as author and director. After the constitution of Quasar Multimedia, new national and international opportunities open up, from commercials to documentaries and cinema. He works mainly as Author and Director, creating and promoting his projects, not leaving out his experience as DOP.

Cell. +39.328.9440734
E-mail: michele@quasarmultimedia.it

Giorgio Milocco

Since very young, images in motion fascinated him. After the studies, he begins a career path in the national and international TV industry as Camera Operator, which will lead him during the years to work on several projects of documentaries, shorts and commercials, as Director, Art director or Editor. Following the establishment of Quasar Multimedia, he works, depending on the project, at the creation, directing or editing of several commercials for well-known national and international brands. Additionally, he works as editor or as director for documentaries and fictional films.

Cell. +39.329.2274701
E-mail: giorgio@quasarmultimedia.it

Marta Zaccaron

After an Engineering Management Degree, she began working in the field of video productions. She took a Master in Film Studies at Dublin University, she has been selected to Eave Marketing, Eave distribution and Eurodoc. Since 2008 she is responsible of the production and international co-production at Quasar Multimedia, for which she has produced and co-produced successful documentaries, distributed all over Europe. She attends regularly the main international festivals and markets. Currently she has began to dedicate to fictional projects.

Cell. +39.348.5657194
E-mail: marta@quasarmultimedia.it

Fabiana Balsamo

As producer assistant of documentaries and fictions, Fabiana takes care of general organization, funding applications and relations with national and international partners.

Cell. +39.333.2317613
E-mail: fabiana@quasarmultimedia.it

Elena Del Dò

Elena provides administrative and accountancy support for the office.

Tel. +39.0432.1976926
E-mail: elena@quasarmultimedia.it

Andrea Guarascio

As post-production supervisor, Andrea coordinates the editing and color correction department and every aspect of video post-production.

E-mail: andrea.g@quasarmultimedia.it

Camilla Tomba

As production assistant Camilla manages delivery of materials, researches and festivals.

Cell. +39.328.7154084
E-mail: camilla@quasarmultimedia.it

Ambra Marchetto

Technical assistant, Ambra manages equipments, helps the crew as camera assistant during shootings and supports during editing.

Tel. +39.0432.1976926
E-mail: ambra@quasarmultimedia.it

Lorenzo Bertarelli

As post-production assistant, Lorenzo works on rough-cut editing, editing and video post-production support.

E-mail: lorenzo@quasarmultimedia.it